Samyang XP 85mm F1.2 Canon EF Premium Manual Focus Lens

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  • Highlights

    1. Excellence in Performance at the moment
    2. Unprecedented resolving power for above 50MP and 8K production
    3. Bright F1.2 Aperture
    4. Beautiful Bokeh with 9 Aperture Blades
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  • Description

    XP is a lens that has outstanding expression capabilities, which enables the use of a shallow depth of field with a bright aperture. The lens encompasses the essence of optics as it captures the photographer’s objectives through realistic description, artistic expression, and a combination of the extremes.

    Excellence in Performance at the moment

    EF Mount Auto Exposure Full Frame Sensor F1.2 8K Beautiful Bokeh 9 Aperture Blades

    Developed for high-resolution photography with over 40 years of experience by Samyang Optics, the Samyang 85mm F1.2 is a premium manual focus lens with particular attention to image quality.


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  • specifications

    • manufacturer

      Samyang Optics Co. Ltd, South Korea

    • Country of origin

      Republic of Korea

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    • Samyang Xp 85Mm F/1.2 Lens For Canon Ef